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When You Hurl

Tatto Falconi TTF

In The Club (2017)

I'm sweaty and I long for chives
Same old darkness just different night
Spulyas heavy with prescriptive minds
I fall often ‘cause I wanna fly

A morning hazel piece starts to create
This distance don’t ever end on sleep
Little creature take my hand, when you’re lonely
He is close he will understand

And when the blackness crumbles
I can feel it within
Let me draw me further
Draw me further down

And then I feel it crawling under my skin
Please leave out all sin, even with you I'm alone
Darkness is here
Even with you I'm alone

Nothing left on time
When you’re lonely
I’ll be here
I’ll be here

Let me try
Let me try
When you’re lonely
When you’re lonely

When you’re lonely

Composer: Giovanni Falconi Ossa.

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