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Tatto Falconi TTF

Five Forces (2015)

You make my way to set
The pain is just a way to set me free
Just take it off my life
And everything is serenity

Burn my faith into the ground
And kill my hopes and dreams
To kill my envious self
Get em’ baby, get me through this

But if you’re throwing in this culture
Go and come to rock with me
Leaving this darkness chains behind me
I'm done of this tragedy, this tragedy

My life’s been ripped out in front of me
Trippin’ out and break like this
When I'm ready to reach the ending
It’s nothing more than my disgrace

Yeah I’ve been missing thoughts around it
It’s a lie that I'm still here
That I trynna tell myself
To have these chances calculated

But if you’re joining in this culture
Come but don’t come back for me
This tragedy, leaving all this shit behind me
You can go stray today, this tragedy

Uoh Don’t leave me
Breaking codes at this culture
So you must ride or die, this tragedy

Leaving all this shit behind me
You’ve done this tragedy
This tragedy

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